Ruck machine gun post/pillbox

Ruck machine gun post.

Designed by James Ruck, constructed from Stanton air raid shelter sections and was covered in additional concrete slabs. The segments were made at the Stanton Ironworks Ilkeston Derbyshire in the Concrete Plant which converted from production of concrete lighting columns during the war. “The segments were 20 inches (50 cm) wide and 2 inches (5 cm) thick, a pair of them formed an arch 7 feet [2.1 m] high and transverse struts were provided to ensure rigidity. These fitted into longitudinal bearers, which were grooved to receive the foot of each segment. Each pair of segments were bolted together at the apex of the arch and each segment was also bolted to it neighbour, the joints being sealed with bituminous compound.” The convenient handling of these segments enabled them to be transported with ease. Partly buried in the ground and covered with turf and sandbags, with a suitably screened entrance, this bolted arch construction afforded safe protection against blast and splinters. The Ruck machine gun post was relatively widely used in Lincolnshire and along the east cost of England, but is now extremely rare with just a couple of extant examples.

Damage to the roof of the Gotham pillbox has exposed scrap metal including a bed frame, used as roof reinforcement.

Pillbox type FW3



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